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Self Awareness

Insights on Awareness and Self-Awareness

The topic for the March 22, 2018 Servant-Leader roundtable was “Awareness and Self-Awareness.” The following notes reflect the rich conversation that took place around the table. These notes are a summary of the notes taken by Jim Kerlin and have been edited to reflect the themes of the conversation. They are a mere shadow of the wisdom shared by the people at the table.

In this summary:

Topic: Awareness and self awareness

  • Improving one’s awareness is a journey not a destination.
  • We all have different levels of awareness and it evolves throughout life.
  • We are the 7 people we hang around with most.
  • When we are our weakest we tend to grow the most.

Awareness of others:

  • Some people have self awareness as a strength and others not so much.
  • Most people are good judges of character.
  • Some people can sense things in others that they don’t even know…almost like a sixth sense.
  • Most people are much more transparent than they think, – and so are we.
  • Given enough time…people’s real intentions come out.
  • Sometimes it is difficult to find the balance of how much awareness or self awareness to share.

Developing awareness

  • Feedback coaches can provide a sounding board for developing better perceptions and awareness.
  • Our feedback coaches should be people that are different than us. We will learn the most from diverse voices.
  • Sometimes we don’t like the feedback we get.
  • Sometimes the input we receive from those closest to us is resisted whereas a neutral party giving input might be more accepted.

Insights for leadership

  • When we are trying to lead people there may be a gap between our perception and the perceptions of others.
  • It can be challenging to assume a leadership role among peers.
  • Be consistent in your feedback.
  • Trust is a huge factor. Without trust your feedback will be rejected…period.
  • If you are leading for your own gratification people will see through you and not want to follow you. You need to be authentic as a leader to be successful.

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