Building Community

The Milwaukee Spring 2022 City Tour (April 2022) was packed with incredible content with the overarching theme of Building Community. We heard from three amazing servant leader practitioners, guided by Servant Leadership, all in different stages of their careers.

You can access (almost) every minute of the City Tour below. The moments not captured are the small group discussions (conducted much like a roundtable) and the full group feedback/discussion, where there is even more richness! Join us at the next City Tour to experience it all.

Spring 2022 City Tour Videos

Tom Thibodeau

Living in the Eye of the Hurricane

Tom opens the City Tour event with an inspiring piece written by Thomas Friedman, in his book Thank You for Being Late. Learn why Thomas Friedman believes we all “must learn to live in the eye of the hurricane.”

Tom Thibodeau, DeAnna Leitzke, and Richard Pieper

The Nuts & Bolts of Servant Leadership 

What is Servant Leadership? How does the theme of ‘Building Community’ fit in? This video is a great introduction to what SL is and how it connects with the community.

Dr. Joshua Mitchell, Academic Assessment Researcher, CREATE Institute, MSOE

Refining Leadership Through Personal and Educational Development

Dr. Mitchell shares personal stories that led him to refine his leadership skills and cultivate character, which he ultimately carried over to his role in educational development.

Beckie Kruse, Director of Residence Life at Concordia University Milwaukee

The Unexpected Key to COVID Survival

Discover how the Servant Leadership style was critical for success when everything dramatically shifted on a university campus because of COVID. Beckie shares how she and her team thrived due to her department’s foundation of shared respect, trust, and responsibility fostered by Servant Leadership.

Jim Hensley, Lieutenant of Support Services, Marquette University Police Department

The Effect of Just Listening

As a homicide detective, Jim discovered listening techniques that allowed him to connect with those he was interrogating. Without utilizing the techniques, Jim would not be as successful.

Beckie Kruse

Q&A: How to Give Your Team Room to Grow

Beckie answers an audience member’s question, “How do you give your team the power to serve?”

DeAnna Leitzke

Q&A: How to Listen Better

DeAnna answers an audience member’s question, “Can you offer any suggestions on how to listen better?”

Dr. Joshua Mitchell & Beckie Kruse

Q&A: How to Get the Youth Involved in Servant Leadership

Dr. Joshua and Beckie answer an audience member’s question, “How do you bring young people to Servant Leadership?”

Dr. Joshua Mitchell

Q&A: Differentiating Between Empowering and Enabling

Dr. Joshua answers an audience member’s question, “Because you’re so close with your students, how do you differentiate between enabling and empowering them?”

Beckie Kruse

Q&A: Adding Servant Leadership to a Meeting and Encouraging Participation

Beckie answers an audience member’s question, “When you began discussing Servant Leadership for 15 minutes at the beginning of each meeting, how did you get people to participate?”

Richard Pieper

Servant Leadership in Wisconsin Update

Richard shares the events available in Wisconsin for those looking for opportunities to walk the path of a servant-leader in their everyday and professional lives.

Tom Thibodeau

Service is Love Made Visible

Tom concludes the City Tour with an overview of the event’s highlights and an inspiring closing.

Full Event

Watch the Spring 2022 MKE City Tour in its entirety.