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Unpredictable Situations

Staying our best selves in unpredictable situations

This is the summary of the Servant-Leader roundtable that took place at the Mad Rooster Cafe on Thursday, June 25, 2015.

This month the roundtable focused on engaging with those around us while recognizing that each of us brings our own motivations and perspective to any situation. 

The question for the day:  How do we stay at our best selves as the events of the day unfold in unpredictable ways?

Roundtable summary notes:

  • We started our roundtable with the question:  “What do people see when you are at your best?”  This question served to frame our conversation for the day and we returned to it on several occasions.
  • As leaders we are charged with balancing a focus on the long term goals we are (collectively) working to achieve and at the same time being open to the reality people are living and where they are in their own lives.
  • We are called to meet people where they are and not take pre conceived notions from other sources.
  • We have a need to be aware of our preferred mode of operation and hot button issues and how those preferences influence our responses to others.
  • If we don’t start with where people are we are just telling our own story.  We need to recognize the audience and adjust accordingly.  Otherwise, our monologue drifts further away from the reality in the room.
  • Listening can be a good way to refocus.  Hearing other peoples stories allows us to gain perspective on where we are and and where we need to go as a group/organization.
  • We need to have our own self talk to act as a trigger for knowing when to get back on track.  At the same time we need to recognize that we are taught to self promote and that can get in the way of listening to others.
  • When we make a mistake it is an opportunity to allow ourselves to be vulnerable.  Apologize and admit the mistake right away.

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